Ookami Kakushi

So here’s my synopsis for the anime Ookami Kakushi (Wolfed Away, to mean spirited away wolves). I typed it on MSN already, so the next easiest thing (thanks to CTRL+C and CTRL+V) is to transfer it :D

Heal Saotome says (2:12 AM)
whats the story about?

bunny chan says (2:19 AM)
this town called Jouga, famous for their rumoured Jouga wolves
however, people go missing from the town suddenly and no one ever questions why
or suspect anything went wrong
when Hiroshi came to the town with his dad and sis, he is strangely popular with his classmates
so the whole story is basically about uncovering the history of Jouga, the strange customs the town has, the town’s bread and butter (Jouga oranges), and the mysteries behind the missing people

Heal Saotome says (2:23 AM)

bunny chan says (2:23 AM)
the orange’s purpose became apparent very easily, but the others are interweaved into the episodes

Heal Saotome says (2:23 AM)
eat to transform1

bunny chan says (2:23 AM)
no la
first few eps damn draggy, and you start wondering why it’s jumping all over [aka not in sequence] =A=

Heal Saotome says (2:23 AM)

bunny chan says (2:24 AM)
then as it goes on, you learn more and more about the town, its mysteries, and the people…

As we follow Kuzumi Hiroshi in his discoveries of Jouga, a man bent on revenge schemes his plans.

Winning Points
Character Design: Peach-Pit
Music: FictionJunction
Episodes: 12 (could’ve been shorter though…)

tl;dr review:  Very interesting theme, well fleshed out characters, but the non-chronological order of the episodes (think Suzumiya Haruhi but you get time leap within the episodes as well as the episode sequence, until towards the end of the anime). I enjoyed the art direction tremendously, but hated having to sort my thoughts to decide which event happened first. Worth watching if you don’t mind the slight drag and confusion in the first few episodes, and if you like the ideas of myths, urban legends, occults, and traditions (okay, they’re made up in here but so what??).  It certainly doesn’t keep you in suspense for long! :)

A more common synopsis would be… ok, that’s easily searchable so meh.

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massively playing FB games

There’s so many I don’t even know which one to stop D:

I think I’ll stop Farmville and Restaurant City for now.

Need to rush to finish my props in time for CF! Less than 2 weeks left, and I haven’t reviewed my work yet ;w; massive rush? Yeah, massive rush time.

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pink poofs!!

8 hours and 16 packs of crepe paper later, i’ve completed the pink pompoms!! :D pics to come later because i need to shower first.

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serious concern

i finally found my long lost pencil skirts (turns out they were folded in my cupboard and not hanged like i thought they should be) and…

omg my butt got too fat =A=;;;;; i had to wriggle and squirm into my skirt! it used to be so loose that i can spin it around my waist! D: what the–!!

i’m now going to control my over-eating habits and exercise more T___T

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AFA X was very straightforward

because all i did there was cosplay, let people take my photos, cosplay, convince people to learn Bushiroad’s TCG, met new people, and had lots of fun while at it! :)

of course, there were parts were i totally hated how i looked because my wig wasn’t right, and the ribbons won’t stay upright, and the belt thingum chipped off… but i’m over it now! *__*v i shall try harder and improve it so i look acceptable as Nanoha for ComicFiesta! ♥

here’s a picture of how the Nanoha team at Bushiroad looked :3

picture by Schkyder

me as Takamachi Nanoha, cutepetz as Fate T. Harlaown and Chocolime as Takamachi Vivio ^_^

we also met a few other Nanoha cosplayers on day 2! Neo cosplayed Erio, Ruby cosplayed Caro (omigosh, the whole of Lightning team was there! where was Subaru and Teana? ;A; sobs). there was a young Fate Testarossa layer and a Chrono layer too! didn’t get their names though T_T

much thanks to the entire GF team for making the days in Singapore sooo memorable and enjoyable :)

AFA X had a 3D camera which videos your motions and transforms it into 3D on the spot :D Cutepetz and i tried it out on the first day (with our lame “fighting” scenes). they also had Joysound there, so quite a number unbearable karaoke renditions were freely available. best part of it all? there was a Canon booth!!! they had a photobooth setup and gave out free picture printouts!  ^__^v choco, cutepetz and i got a few each, haha! i also experienced the infamous Suntec Level 3 on day 2 (because they closed it up on day 1 for some function).

overall, AFA X was pretty enjoyable on its own. however, i enjoyed being able to help out at the booth more than anything. i guess i’m the kind who has to have something to do at an event to be there; something that isn’t just cosplaying, photographing and buying merchandises.

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pimple chronicles – the Beautician II

i’ve been using Dermedex and MBK’s creme  zinc for the past week, since my last visit to the beautician. i also have been consistently taking photos of my face to document what on earth Dermedex would’ve done to it, since everyone always says that we can never tell the difference. so now i’m back for my report.

i visited the beautician again last Saturday, as per my appointment, and she got right to business: a mask using Dermedex’s cleanser, followed by a mask and steam to open up my pores. after what seemed like forever, she told me she’s beginning the extraction process.

hit me. i’m ready for whatever is about to come out of my face!

i heard her tearing the mini syringe’s sterilized wrap and braced myself. she poked a few parts of my face, and thank goodness there was very very little parasite extraction! i think there was only one or two? she grunted approvingly at that. relief flooded my very being as i loosened the grip of my own fingers.

just when i thought the worst was over.

i felt a sharp tool poking into my pore and the painful squeeze. OMGWT–!?!?!??!?!?! ~!@#$%^&*()!!!!! this is WAY more painful than the syringe!!!!! what the!???

“wow, such a huge oil seed!” commented the beautician. WTF SHE’S PINCHING THE PART WITH THE BIGGEST WORM LAST WEEK! there’s still things in there!??? how deep was the infection?

more pain followed as she diligently pinched almost every part of my face. it must be that magnifying glass and the light these beauticians use, to see all the oil and clogged pores right? i tell you those things are wicked. at one point, i hear the snipping of the scissors. on my face. that didn’t hurt as badly as the pinching though. i found out later that the snipping was her cutting off the damaged skin.

if i could cry i would’ve cried… but i didn’t. like a good girl who has repented of boasting her good complexion, i bore it bravely.


at the end of it, there were a lot more punctures on my skin. my face was red from all the pain.

“good good,” said the beautician as i scheduled the next appointment with her, “i’ve gotten almost everything out. just need to come once more and i’ll give you the scar ampoule to heal all the scars.”

does that mean i won’t have to come again after 6th November? that would be AWESOME. i’m very determined to heal all my scars before that time though. if there’s anything i’m proud of right now, it’s my skin’s regeneration ability. thank goodness i’m still young!

here’s a summary of photo comparison of the past week:


summary of the phases of my face... for the past 6 days.

looks good right? i haven’t taken one for Sunday and today though. will take one on Wednesday again for comparison :) there were no visible effects on Monday to Wednesday… but on Thursday morning the bump had a little white bit and came off on Thursday night ^__^v amazingly, my face looked very much improved on Friday. the small bumps on my face were dwindling. after facial on Saturday, my face had more blotches of red but they are considerably flat.

right now the redness on my face has subsided. the scars are slowly patching themselves up. interestingly, my skin’s healing rate is faster than before! could it be because there’s not so much of clogging of pores anymore (i dare not believe it’s all 100% gone!!)?

whatever. as long as it’s healing :)

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