Ookami Kakushi

So here’s my synopsis for the anime Ookami Kakushi (Wolfed Away, to mean spirited away wolves). I typed it on MSN already, so the next easiest thing (thanks to CTRL+C and CTRL+V) is to transfer it :D

Heal Saotome says (2:12 AM)
whats the story about?

bunny chan says (2:19 AM)
this town called Jouga, famous for their rumoured Jouga wolves
however, people go missing from the town suddenly and no one ever questions why
or suspect anything went wrong
when Hiroshi came to the town with his dad and sis, he is strangely popular with his classmates
so the whole story is basically about uncovering the history of Jouga, the strange customs the town has, the town’s bread and butter (Jouga oranges), and the mysteries behind the missing people

Heal Saotome says (2:23 AM)

bunny chan says (2:23 AM)
the orange’s purpose became apparent very easily, but the others are interweaved into the episodes

Heal Saotome says (2:23 AM)
eat to transform1

bunny chan says (2:23 AM)
no la
first few eps damn draggy, and you start wondering why it’s jumping all over [aka not in sequence] =A=

Heal Saotome says (2:23 AM)

bunny chan says (2:24 AM)
then as it goes on, you learn more and more about the town, its mysteries, and the people…

As we follow Kuzumi Hiroshi in his discoveries of Jouga, a man bent on revenge schemes his plans.

Winning Points
Character Design: Peach-Pit
Music: FictionJunction
Episodes: 12 (could’ve been shorter though…)

tl;dr review:  Very interesting theme, well fleshed out characters, but the non-chronological order of the episodes (think Suzumiya Haruhi but you get time leap within the episodes as well as the episode sequence, until towards the end of the anime). I enjoyed the art direction tremendously, but hated having to sort my thoughts to decide which event happened first. Worth watching if you don’t mind the slight drag and confusion in the first few episodes, and if you like the ideas of myths, urban legends, occults, and traditions (okay, they’re made up in here but so what??).  It certainly doesn’t keep you in suspense for long! :)

A more common synopsis would be… ok, that’s easily searchable so meh.

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