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Ookami Kakushi

So here’s my synopsis for the anime Ookami Kakushi (Wolfed Away, to mean spirited away wolves). I typed it on MSN already, so the next easiest thing (thanks to CTRL+C and CTRL+V) is to transfer it :D Continue reading

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massively playing FB games

There’s so many I don’t even know which one to stop D: I think I’ll stop Farmville and Restaurant City for now. Need to rush to finish my props in time for CF! Less than 2 weeks left, and I … Continue reading

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pink poofs!!

8 hours and 16 packs of crepe paper later, i’ve completed the pink pompoms!! :D pics to come later because i need to shower first.

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serious concern

i finally found my long lost pencil skirts (turns out they were folded in my cupboard and not hanged like i thought they should be) and… omg my butt got too fat =A=;;;;; i had to wriggle and squirm into … Continue reading

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AFA X was very straightforward

because all i did there was cosplay, let people take my photos, cosplay, convince people to learn Bushiroad’s TCG, met new people, and had lots of fun while at it! :) of course, there were parts were i totally hated … Continue reading

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pimple chronicles – the Beautician II

i heard the beautician tear off the mini syringe’s sterilized wrap and braced myself. she poked a few parts of my face, and thank goodness there was very very little parasite extraction! i think there was only one or two? she grunted approvingly at that. relief flooded my very being as i loosened the grip of my own fingers. Continue reading

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