went out with mum and dad on Saturday night to KLPAC’s Glitz & Glamour, a charity concert featuring Chinese classical music of Shanghai’s peak music period, where Shanghai was the Vegas or Hollywood of the east. since it was a somewhat formal-like event to me, i thought i’d dress properly for once to attend it. red and black seemed like a good, suitable theme colour.

dressing sensibly

i wore red pumps with this. guess what mum said as we walked out of the house?

“Aiyo, why wear so weird???”

mum, i’ve been wearing these kinda clothes for over 4 years, and now you’re cmplaining??

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“Romantic fiddlesticks!”

it has been ages since i last indulged myself in books. the last time i voluntarily picked up a book to read was 2 years ago when i was so obsessed with the Finnish trolls that looked like hippopotamus.

the lasting image of Moomin in my head... yes, this ASCII image, thanks to Densha Otoko 2ch compilations!!!! isn't he such a darling?

*squeals* isn’t he adorable???

anyway, Moomin wasn’t what i wanted to write about here. recently Nisa and i were talking about Anne of Green Gables, which led us to chatter excitedly about the mini-movies that were shown in Malaysian TV ages and ages ago. my most lasting impression was when Gilbert saved Anne from the Lake of Shining Waters! of course, i set to find the torrent straight after that (downloaded it, haha!).

i was watching the first few minutes of the movie when i realised how much i missed the “old me”. i threw her out a long time ago, and swore to never speak of that time again. i did it when i discovered a collection of my old foolscap papers from when i was 14 during my room clean-up; off they were sent to the paper lama (old newspaper) man. there were times, of course, when i regretted it, and wished fervently that i had attempted this other path of life which i was so passionate about.

so i picked up my beloved book again. as i turn the pages of Anne Shirley’s life, memories and vivid images from years ago reliving itself just as i had seen them then. how is this possible? they didn’t change a single bit! i bet if i were to read my own writings again, i will see everything unfold the way i saw it then. where did that part go?

maybe i took on too much Marilla. romance? fiddlesticks! what nonsense to allow such imagination to run wild! so i began to be the boring, dull, unimaginative, and probably the most unromantic person i am now *laughs* sorry HY!

it’s about time for me to relive those days again. i’m desperate for some scope of imagination in my currently uncolourful life; it’s like there’s some huge filter of unsaturated colours all over my eyes! things have to be matter-of-fact and sensible. reading Anne brought me back a bit. just a bit. who knows if i’d ever be a mite like me then again?

anyway, a person can only revert to their original selves, unless truly life-changing events happen. i have been true to myself so far, and what it’s served is only to layer me bit by bit… perhaps one day i’ll remember that i have layers, and switch between them again.

in the meantime, cheers to you, Lucy Maud Montgomery, for the beautiful story of Anne Shirley. Anne was, still is, and always will be my beloved fictional character.

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K-ON test shots

in the past, before i cosplay i would always wear my costume, wig, and makeup to ensure that my portrayal would be accurate. that would be a long time in the past. i’m guilty lately of putting everything together the day before and walking out of the washroom on the day of the event feeling flustered that things will fall apart XD;;

i don’t know why, but i felt like preparing for this character’s test shoot this round. it could be due to the fear i had from the previous Yume Miru Kotori shoot where i was so unsure of my own makeup and poses! *laughs*

so here’s me trying on a Ritsu wig for the lulz XD

fail Ritsu

no wonder i can’t be Ritsu… who am i then?

complete costume!! i love my shoes~~!


zomg, YO THERE!!!

ahahaha! yes, power of makeup!! it concealed all the pimples + scars! of course, there’s also the nifty camera setting which did a lot of skin softening to further diminish them XD but geez, i just can’t pose properly! need a lot more practice :( ah well, there’s still time!

here are my two girls in their new wigs ^^ Kinoko’s still at Carol’s place… enjoying her homestay =w=;;;; Hotaru needs a new dress that fits her!


Hotaru and Miyuki

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pimple chronicles – the Beautician

i will be keeping a close check on this.

i went to the beautician today at 1pm to get my acne extracted. she has 30 years of experience (she’s now 60 and her youngest daughter is one of the management trainees–what the…), and told me that if i were to let her fix my problem i will have to stop using the derma’s stuff. fine by me, i don’t like his stuff anyway! they dry up my skin! she explained that her method is to extract all the stuff, whilst the doctor’s method is to suppress it. mhm, that i know too.

see, doctor will generally give a few stuff when it comes to acne: antibiotic, cleanser and some cream for the pimples. to my experience, all creams given to me are useless. they did NOTHING. the one i went to yesterday gave me the alcoholic toner (the smell of alcohol is so strong it stung my nose and eyes!!!! ugh!) and the cream… tightening and drying my face considerably :( and that’s what i feel after only 2 applications! so when she tells me that her method is to extract it all, i’m all up for ditching the rest (except for the antibiotics)!

the process took slightly over 2 hours. light cleansing of my face and a quick toner. this was followed by a peeling mask with steam. then there was another steam session and the extraction begins. she uses a mini needle syringe to extract “chong” from my skin.

…huh? waitaminute, aren’t you extracting my oilseeds? i thought there’s something wrong with my cantonese.

“Chong,” she repeats, “Germs! If you put them in the water, they’ll wriggle.” omgwtfbbq?!?! that’s worms, not germs right??? “They’re germs from your hands that go into your skin,” she explained in cantonese.

she offered to let me see her doing the extraction, but because i have a fear of needles, i declined. the needle poked into my pores and i can feel stuff being extracted from my cheeks, where the acne congregates… ok, it doesn’t feel so disgusting, but it was a mite bit painful. much like getting injected kinda pain ;__; BUT I PERSEVERED!!! she extracted what she can, killed them, and threw them away before i can see them. except for one which she forced me to see. it looks like an oil seed, but it moves. ew.

now that i’m back at home and ran a google search, i found a video of how the worms look. the sites and comments made it sound like a hoax, but hey, i went through it already so i totally believe it now ;__; this video’s taken in Malaysia. lol.

do NOT watch if you’re not mentally prepared and are disgusted by wriggly thingums.

i could definitely do with that liquid they rubbed to get rid of the worms… instead of having them extracted with a needle ;w; oh well.

[EDIT] more about demodex @ Wikipedia and Demodex Solutions

anyway, back to my story… she said it wasn’t all out yet. there’s some remaining, so she used a nano mask to deep cleanse my face and hopefully, kill the rest of them. then she spread yeast mask to clear my skin. after all is done, she patted zinc cream all over my face to prevent germs & bacteria from staying on my face.

i walked away feeling very poor because she sold me Dermedex to upkeep my skin + i have to go back for the next few times to clear out the acne worms ;__; however, i don’t feel like there’s something in my skin anymore when i press it lightly now, so i guess it works.


Dermedex Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Mask & MBK Zinc Cream


everything costs almost RM1k!!!!!!! DDDDD: this better work weh. i’m not allowed to use any of my skincare products for the next 3 weeks. i have to go for facial for the next 3 weeks too, before she would start on the scar treatment >__<

here’s my face after the facial:


all the red blotches...


she didn’t press out any oil seeds, so nothing much changed there. my red blotches of scars are still there. i wonder how it’ll be next week?

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pimple chronicles – the Dermatologist Visit

i think this pimple thing has been going on for a bit too long. they turned up in May, and my face’s condition went from bad to worse as the months went by. no fun. i tried ampoules; they worked temporarily. i went to the GP; no use. i went for facials; they tell me my skin is dehydrated, that’s why i get pimples (BS!!!). i changed cleansers, tried eliminating skincare… and they all didn’t work!

on Monday, i poked some of the underlying bumps out, leaving dried red scars on my face.

mum gave up. she woke me up early this morning (8:15am!) and sent me off to the dermatologist in Jalan Imbi. the clinic was packed with people! i registered at 9am, went for breakfast, and saw Dr. Ting at 11am O___o and my consultation took only, what, 5 minutes? he said i still have active pimples on my face, and we’ll have to get rid of it before anything else is to happen. and i’m put on medication again D: omigosh, when i hear this will take 3-4 months to go away i wanted to scream!!!

i walked away RM100 poorer with cleanser, toner, pimple cream and a spot liquid for pimples. and 2 weeks worth of medication.

a few minutes later, mum called to ask if i was free tomorrow. she wants to send me to her boss’s relative who is a beautician specialising in acne. according to the beautician, you’ll have to extract EVERYTHING on the face first root-first (leaving more scars) before it can heal.

i’m kinda giving up already, so whatever goes ;w; it should still be safe to use bedak sejuk on my face, right?

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first photoshoot in a while

yesterday was… fun, and definitely good a wake-up call to say that i’ve degenerated significantly in cosplaying and posing *__*;;;; or it could also be because it’s my first time having to pose in an emo way. whatever it is, the results are clear in the photos, and it is a struggle i’ll have to take on within myself to further improve!

i’ll start with the nightmare that is my face. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! bumps on the face, please be concealed!!!! DDDD: this goes to you too, healing pimple scars! you ruin most of the pictures!! T__T thank goodness you can be photoshopped off because this is a photoshoot, but it’ll suck if this were an event *must diligently put on cream*

there’s a lot of difficulty for me to get the expressions i want too… face so stiff and frozen :( i need to practice more more more! other things that went wrong were stuff like my contact lenses: i ordered aqua and it came in blue… sigh. so i used the green lenses for the photoshoot.

i do like how some pictures turn out though! special thanks to razrigz and KC for their preseverence, and to the helpers HY & Teri for ensuring most of our stuff don’t fall off from us :3

the photoshoot is based on a Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin song, Yume Miru Kotori (Dreaming Little Bird). i love this song for its hauntingly beautiful vocals and the beautiful lyrics.

i see the song as two good friends who had a long and close relationship, but both of them had somehow misunderstood each other. each thinks the other has changed, and do not want to be friends anymore. because of this, each feels restrained, like a bird in a cage who longs to be free. in reality though [because they are both singing the same lyrics together], they actually really do like each other and want to continue being together.

we decided on this photoshoot to test and see how we look together (aha) as Miku and Rin :) and i found out that i’m not really an emo-type of cosplayer, but Lav is! aiyooo… most pictures are ruined because of how our expressions don’t synchronise with each other. of course, there are some really good ones too!

thanks Lavena for being my Rin <3 thanks to Teri for the obi too~~


“Oto no nai nukumori ga futari wo tsutsun de”

edited by Lavena :3


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Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Series

i’ve been so so busy running around lately i wonder if there’s even any point of having a blog at all!! i don’t really have time to update even though there has been so many things happening around me. well, recently i became an accidental shortlisted participant of the Bio-Essence Sleeping Beauty Search. i have forgotten that i signed up for the contest when i wanted to register for a free sample of their Tri-Action Aqua Boost Sleeping Mask! *laughs*

so yes, when they called me up on 15th September i was really confused and thought it was some sort of a scam. i was invited to a briefing that weekend itself to receive my 7-day trial pack of the Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost products.

Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost series

They promote a 6 step skincare regime: Cleanse, Tone, Intensive Treatment (for the eye), Treat, and Moisture, and Extra Treatment. Here’s my brief review of the products after trying them, since i’ve recently finished most of the trial pack products:

Complete Cleansing Milk

Deeply, gently cleanses away dirt & oil while hydrating & nourishing your skin” (RP @ RM20.90)
this product is all the adjectives mentioned in their leaflet: gentle, hydrating and nourishing. in fact, after using it i wondered if my skin plumped slightly! i don’t think it effectively removes dirt though, because even though there was a moisturising squeaky clean feel, i find that my skin has some dirt inside. i ended up using my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil before this step, to feel thoroughly clean.

Active Nourishing Emulsion

Extraordinary toner that not only hydrates & nourishes your skin but also facilitate full absorption of skincare products” (RP @ RM29.90)
i really like this one! the toner is really gentle and very hydrating. using this after the cleanser made my face feel really plump, haha! it’s like my skin can bounce! one of their star products of the series.

Intense Eye Cream

Moisturises & protects the delicate eye area” (RP @ RM49.90)
this felt really normal when i used it. it didn’t feel particularly moisturising, nor did it felt like it did anything to my eye. i mean, my eyes looked as dry as before :( not too happy with this.

Cell Renew Essence

Optimises skin renewal, improving skin elasticity for a natural luminosity” (RP @ RM49.90)
i have a love-hate relationship with this essence. i like it for the quick absorption into my skin, and how i’m just attracted to anything that says will provide intense moisture to my dehydrated skin (i used to have normal skin, but i stopped using moisturiser in order to treat my pimple problem, which according to most facial consultants, i shouldn’t have). however, this absorbed waaaay too quickly! there wasn’t enough to go around my face for 7 days! :( as a result, i had to really really scrooge to make it last the 7 days. the texture is very watery; so watery it drips out of the trial container! what a waste! much as i like the effect of this essence, the fact that i will have to use a large amount of it to ensure coverage for my whole face & neck isn’t going to invite me to get it again. i much rather Laneige’s Water Bank Essence, which has just the right consistency and more value for money.

the series has two moisturisers: Lotion & Cream. i used both, as i have been advised to use them for separate occasions.

Hydra Nourishing Lotion

Suitable for Combination/Oily skin. Strengthens immunity & locks in moisture” (RP @ RM45.90)
i was advised to use the lotion for nightcare, because of my current combination skin (ya ya, pimples all over despite having no oil on my face…). like the Essence, this lotion is watery and very prone to dripping. i know that the products are water based but how do i prevent wastage from all these excessive drippings?? this is quite moisturising, but i don’t think it should be used at night because i don’t seem to feel the effects of locked-in moisture the next morning.  probably more suitable for day wear.

All-day Hydra Nourishing Cream

Suitable for dry/normal skin. An ideal light textured moisturiser for long lasting hydration.” (RP @ RM40.90)
now this, compared to the lotion, is VERY moisturising!  it goes into the skin very easily, leaving a subtle layer of protection for the essence. it doesn’t feel very greasy, but feels quite thick. like its namesake, it does stay on for quite a while too. because it comes in a pot and is less of a drippy substance, i fortunately still have some even after using it for almost 2 weeks :) now i’m using this as a night cream, and its effects feels way better than the lotion! the lotion is light, and perhaps doesn’t stay as long as i hoped on my face.

Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Optimises the biological skin regeneration process during sleep” (RP @ RM59.80)
ask anyone who comes into my room/knows my favourite look-outs for skincare, and it’d most likely be the sleeping masks i try! i have 2 from Baviphat (Lemon and Apple) and Laneige’s famed sleeping mask. like a friend of mine says, it’s something you put on and just go to sleep while it works its wonders! that’s why i registered for a sample anyway, when i heard of Bio-Essence’s sleeping mask.  after trying this product though, i find that my favourite is still Laneige’s and Baviphat’s therapeutic Apple sleeping mask.  the sleeping mask smells nice and has a gel-like substance. it places a substantial moisture layer over the face, and hydrates my skin. however, like Baviphat’s lemon sleeping mask, it doesn’t spread as easily and hence i would have to use more the necessary amount, unlike Laneige’s. the soft clean smell from the mask is subtle, but doesn’t really promote a deep therapeutic sleep like Baviphat’s apple mask. however, since i don’t have to pay for it it’s not too bad. i like how quickly it is absorbed by the skin (unlike Baviphat’s apple mask) . i wake up with moisturised skin, so what am i complaining for, right? ;) this will most likely be a purchase choice if i can’t afford Laneige’s sleeping mask.

that said, the products of this series has a subtle fragrance. it didn’t really induce me to breakout more, and they do help my acne/infection/whatever the doctor thinks it is in slowly surfacing, along with my ampoules. i wouldn’t get the entire set, but i certainly wouldn’t mind getting the toner and cream in the future!

oh, here are some pictures of when we had the first briefing and the photoshoot :) the finals is happening tomorrow! i have no idea what is expected of me, except that i have to walk around 1U new wing concourse in pajamas and bedroom slippers.

Finalists with the Tri Action Aqua Boost trial kit during 1st Briefing

see all the pretty pretty girls???? gosh, how did i get selected to be amongst them? >__<

Given a makeover on the 2nd Briefing

Photoshoot from 2nd Briefing

Our skin hydration results were taken in both briefings… i wonder how will the winners be selected? it’ll be pretty funny if it was decided by the Facebook “Like” contest…

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