AFA X was very straightforward

because all i did there was cosplay, let people take my photos, cosplay, convince people to learn Bushiroad’s TCG, met new people, and had lots of fun while at it! :)

of course, there were parts were i totally hated how i looked because my wig wasn’t right, and the ribbons won’t stay upright, and the belt thingum chipped off… but i’m over it now! *__*v i shall try harder and improve it so i look acceptable as Nanoha for ComicFiesta! ♥

here’s a picture of how the Nanoha team at Bushiroad looked :3

picture by Schkyder

me as Takamachi Nanoha, cutepetz as Fate T. Harlaown and Chocolime as Takamachi Vivio ^_^

we also met a few other Nanoha cosplayers on day 2! Neo cosplayed Erio, Ruby cosplayed Caro (omigosh, the whole of Lightning team was there! where was Subaru and Teana? ;A; sobs). there was a young Fate Testarossa layer and a Chrono layer too! didn’t get their names though T_T

much thanks to the entire GF team for making the days in Singapore sooo memorable and enjoyable :)

AFA X had a 3D camera which videos your motions and transforms it into 3D on the spot :D Cutepetz and i tried it out on the first day (with our lame “fighting” scenes). they also had Joysound there, so quite a number unbearable karaoke renditions were freely available. best part of it all? there was a Canon booth!!! they had a photobooth setup and gave out free picture printouts!  ^__^v choco, cutepetz and i got a few each, haha! i also experienced the infamous Suntec Level 3 on day 2 (because they closed it up on day 1 for some function).

overall, AFA X was pretty enjoyable on its own. however, i enjoyed being able to help out at the booth more than anything. i guess i’m the kind who has to have something to do at an event to be there; something that isn’t just cosplaying, photographing and buying merchandises.

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