pimple chronicles – the Beautician

i will be keeping a close check on this.

i went to the beautician today at 1pm to get my acne extracted. she has 30 years of experience (she’s now 60 and her youngest daughter is one of the management trainees–what the…), and told me that if i were to let her fix my problem i will have to stop using the derma’s stuff. fine by me, i don’t like his stuff anyway! they dry up my skin! she explained that her method is to extract all the stuff, whilst the doctor’s method is to suppress it. mhm, that i know too.

see, doctor will generally give a few stuff when it comes to acne: antibiotic, cleanser and some cream for the pimples. to my experience, all creams given to me are useless. they did NOTHING. the one i went to yesterday gave me the alcoholic toner (the smell of alcohol is so strong it stung my nose and eyes!!!! ugh!) and the cream… tightening and drying my face considerably :( and that’s what i feel after only 2 applications! so when she tells me that her method is to extract it all, i’m all up for ditching the rest (except for the antibiotics)!

the process took slightly over 2 hours. light cleansing of my face and a quick toner. this was followed by a peeling mask with steam. then there was another steam session and the extraction begins. she uses a mini needle syringe to extract “chong” from my skin.

…huh? waitaminute, aren’t you extracting my oilseeds? i thought there’s something wrong with my cantonese.

“Chong,” she repeats, “Germs! If you put them in the water, they’ll wriggle.” omgwtfbbq?!?! that’s worms, not germs right??? “They’re germs from your hands that go into your skin,” she explained in cantonese.

she offered to let me see her doing the extraction, but because i have a fear of needles, i declined. the needle poked into my pores and i can feel stuff being extracted from my cheeks, where the acne congregates… ok, it doesn’t feel so disgusting, but it was a mite bit painful. much like getting injected kinda pain ;__; BUT I PERSEVERED!!! she extracted what she can, killed them, and threw them away before i can see them. except for one which she forced me to see. it looks like an oil seed, but it moves. ew.

now that i’m back at home and ran a google search, i found a video of how the worms look. the sites and comments made it sound like a hoax, but hey, i went through it already so i totally believe it now ;__; this video’s taken in Malaysia. lol.

do NOT watch if you’re not mentally prepared and are disgusted by wriggly thingums.

i could definitely do with that liquid they rubbed to get rid of the worms… instead of having them extracted with a needle ;w; oh well.

[EDIT] more about demodex @ Wikipedia and Demodex Solutions

anyway, back to my story… she said it wasn’t all out yet. there’s some remaining, so she used a nano mask to deep cleanse my face and hopefully, kill the rest of them. then she spread yeast mask to clear my skin. after all is done, she patted zinc cream all over my face to prevent germs & bacteria from staying on my face.

i walked away feeling very poor because she sold me Dermedex to upkeep my skin + i have to go back for the next few times to clear out the acne worms ;__; however, i don’t feel like there’s something in my skin anymore when i press it lightly now, so i guess it works.


Dermedex Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Mask & MBK Zinc Cream


everything costs almost RM1k!!!!!!! DDDDD: this better work weh. i’m not allowed to use any of my skincare products for the next 3 weeks. i have to go for facial for the next 3 weeks too, before she would start on the scar treatment >__<

here’s my face after the facial:


all the red blotches...


she didn’t press out any oil seeds, so nothing much changed there. my red blotches of scars are still there. i wonder how it’ll be next week?

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