Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Series

i’ve been so so busy running around lately i wonder if there’s even any point of having a blog at all!! i don’t really have time to update even though there has been so many things happening around me. well, recently i became an accidental shortlisted participant of the Bio-Essence Sleeping Beauty Search. i have forgotten that i signed up for the contest when i wanted to register for a free sample of their Tri-Action Aqua Boost Sleeping Mask! *laughs*

so yes, when they called me up on 15th September i was really confused and thought it was some sort of a scam. i was invited to a briefing that weekend itself to receive my 7-day trial pack of the Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost products.

Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost series

They promote a 6 step skincare regime: Cleanse, Tone, Intensive Treatment (for the eye), Treat, and Moisture, and Extra Treatment. Here’s my brief review of the products after trying them, since i’ve recently finished most of the trial pack products:

Complete Cleansing Milk

Deeply, gently cleanses away dirt & oil while hydrating & nourishing your skin” (RP @ RM20.90)
this product is all the adjectives mentioned in their leaflet: gentle, hydrating and nourishing. in fact, after using it i wondered if my skin plumped slightly! i don’t think it effectively removes dirt though, because even though there was a moisturising squeaky clean feel, i find that my skin has some dirt inside. i ended up using my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil before this step, to feel thoroughly clean.

Active Nourishing Emulsion

Extraordinary toner that not only hydrates & nourishes your skin but also facilitate full absorption of skincare products” (RP @ RM29.90)
i really like this one! the toner is really gentle and very hydrating. using this after the cleanser made my face feel really plump, haha! it’s like my skin can bounce! one of their star products of the series.

Intense Eye Cream

Moisturises & protects the delicate eye area” (RP @ RM49.90)
this felt really normal when i used it. it didn’t feel particularly moisturising, nor did it felt like it did anything to my eye. i mean, my eyes looked as dry as before :( not too happy with this.

Cell Renew Essence

Optimises skin renewal, improving skin elasticity for a natural luminosity” (RP @ RM49.90)
i have a love-hate relationship with this essence. i like it for the quick absorption into my skin, and how i’m just attracted to anything that says will provide intense moisture to my dehydrated skin (i used to have normal skin, but i stopped using moisturiser in order to treat my pimple problem, which according to most facial consultants, i shouldn’t have). however, this absorbed waaaay too quickly! there wasn’t enough to go around my face for 7 days! :( as a result, i had to really really scrooge to make it last the 7 days. the texture is very watery; so watery it drips out of the trial container! what a waste! much as i like the effect of this essence, the fact that i will have to use a large amount of it to ensure coverage for my whole face & neck isn’t going to invite me to get it again. i much rather Laneige’s Water Bank Essence, which has just the right consistency and more value for money.

the series has two moisturisers: Lotion & Cream. i used both, as i have been advised to use them for separate occasions.

Hydra Nourishing Lotion

Suitable for Combination/Oily skin. Strengthens immunity & locks in moisture” (RP @ RM45.90)
i was advised to use the lotion for nightcare, because of my current combination skin (ya ya, pimples all over despite having no oil on my face…). like the Essence, this lotion is watery and very prone to dripping. i know that the products are water based but how do i prevent wastage from all these excessive drippings?? this is quite moisturising, but i don’t think it should be used at night because i don’t seem to feel the effects of locked-in moisture the next morning.  probably more suitable for day wear.

All-day Hydra Nourishing Cream

Suitable for dry/normal skin. An ideal light textured moisturiser for long lasting hydration.” (RP @ RM40.90)
now this, compared to the lotion, is VERY moisturising!  it goes into the skin very easily, leaving a subtle layer of protection for the essence. it doesn’t feel very greasy, but feels quite thick. like its namesake, it does stay on for quite a while too. because it comes in a pot and is less of a drippy substance, i fortunately still have some even after using it for almost 2 weeks :) now i’m using this as a night cream, and its effects feels way better than the lotion! the lotion is light, and perhaps doesn’t stay as long as i hoped on my face.

Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Optimises the biological skin regeneration process during sleep” (RP @ RM59.80)
ask anyone who comes into my room/knows my favourite look-outs for skincare, and it’d most likely be the sleeping masks i try! i have 2 from Baviphat (Lemon and Apple) and Laneige’s famed sleeping mask. like a friend of mine says, it’s something you put on and just go to sleep while it works its wonders! that’s why i registered for a sample anyway, when i heard of Bio-Essence’s sleeping mask.  after trying this product though, i find that my favourite is still Laneige’s and Baviphat’s therapeutic Apple sleeping mask.  the sleeping mask smells nice and has a gel-like substance. it places a substantial moisture layer over the face, and hydrates my skin. however, like Baviphat’s lemon sleeping mask, it doesn’t spread as easily and hence i would have to use more the necessary amount, unlike Laneige’s. the soft clean smell from the mask is subtle, but doesn’t really promote a deep therapeutic sleep like Baviphat’s apple mask. however, since i don’t have to pay for it it’s not too bad. i like how quickly it is absorbed by the skin (unlike Baviphat’s apple mask) . i wake up with moisturised skin, so what am i complaining for, right? ;) this will most likely be a purchase choice if i can’t afford Laneige’s sleeping mask.

that said, the products of this series has a subtle fragrance. it didn’t really induce me to breakout more, and they do help my acne/infection/whatever the doctor thinks it is in slowly surfacing, along with my ampoules. i wouldn’t get the entire set, but i certainly wouldn’t mind getting the toner and cream in the future!

oh, here are some pictures of when we had the first briefing and the photoshoot :) the finals is happening tomorrow! i have no idea what is expected of me, except that i have to walk around 1U new wing concourse in pajamas and bedroom slippers.

Finalists with the Tri Action Aqua Boost trial kit during 1st Briefing

see all the pretty pretty girls???? gosh, how did i get selected to be amongst them? >__<

Given a makeover on the 2nd Briefing

Photoshoot from 2nd Briefing

Our skin hydration results were taken in both briefings… i wonder how will the winners be selected? it’ll be pretty funny if it was decided by the Facebook “Like” contest…

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2 Responses to Bio-Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Series

  1. SL says:

    Hi, I bought the moisturizer for oil/combination skin but my skin belongs to normal category. Would it affect the result? Need ur feedback! :) Thanks so much ~!

    • bunny chan says:

      hallo, yeah, you can still use it :) mostly for morning wear though. the results won’t be very much affected, but you may feel a bit of sweatdrops if you don’t massage it in…

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